-Nanotechnology propels industry of the North of Portugal

Nanotechnology propels industry of the North of Portugal

Textile solutions capable of promoting light effects through the integration of LEDs, flood plinths or industrial fishing threads with luminous filaments. They seem like ideas from a distant future, but in reality they are only some of the innovative products that incorporate nanotechnology, produced by companies from the North of Portugal and that the researchers of CeNTI have helped develop.

And there are countless examples of successful integration of Portuguese nanotechnology. That is the case of technological prototype systems that provide intelligent and interactive properties to Sonae laminates, the development of interactive parts for the automotive interior by Simoldes Plásticos SA, or the development of new functionalities, comfort tests and use for TMG Automotive.

CeNTI's collaboration with the business community has also led to the creation of a unique, 100% eco-friendly system that replaces current lighting systems in light-filament livestock farming, currently used in fishing lines, without the need for a source of additional energy, owned by Cadilhe & Santos. And the example of curtains with built-in LED lighting, registered patent of Têxteis Penedo SA, which is estimated to generate more than one million euros of annual turnover in the short term.

Whether through the direct transfer of knowledge within the same industry - Simoldes Plásticos SA seeks to apply the interactive technologies in other automotive components, namely in interior and instrument panels, and there are many other uses within the home textile for the technology of lighting of Textex Penedo - or technological communion with other industries - Cadilhe & Santos luminous filaments are being tested in the agricultural sector. The prototypes of Sonae Indústria de Revestimentos also gave rise to a biometric cradle and to interactive tables - the objectives are to apply the concept of circular economy, extend the product value chain, create synergies between industries and strengthen its positioning in the market.

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