-National press made known WireLOX

National press made known WireLOX

WireLOX, a Project by CeNTI and Linde Portugal, a company operating in the area of industrial, medicinal and pharmaceutical gases, was highlighted in several Portuguese media. The innovation was featured in the newspapers Notícias de Viseu and Jornal Médico, the magazine Viver Saudável and the information portals Atlas da Saúde, Beira News and Health News.

The Project aimed to develop a low-cost plug-and-play device that was easy to attach to Linde's homelox, a liquid oxygen reservoir for respiratory support. The innovation allows remote monitoring of the oxygen level and alerts the responsible company in case of failures/depletion or errors.

The operation of the equipment involves the collection and sending of the homelox information, via wireless, to a digital management platform, allowing the remote monitoring of different patients and identification of the need to carry out a trip. Once in possession of this information, the visit to the patient for oxygen replacement is carried out at the ideal time, reducing the waste of this gas and the unnecessary displacements, thus reducing the risk of disease transmission between patient-technician.

This technology seeks to optimize the home care process, increase user safety, comfort and well-being through remote monitoring and immediate assistance.

WireLOX Project was co-financed by COMPETE 2020, involving an eligible cost of 160,252.63€, and support from European Union, through the European Regional Development Fund, of 128,202.10€.


•  Atlas da Saúde
•  Beira News
•  Health News
•  Jornal Médico
•  Notícias de Viseu
•  Viver Saudável

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