-Portuguese press highlights smart tag for Logistics sector

Portuguese press highlights smart tag for Logistics sector

Several media have made Vi-TAG known, a Project by CeNTI and Viatel, a leading Portuguese company in Telecommunications Network Engineering. The Project was news in portuguese generalist media, such as Jornal Económico, ECO, Correio do Minho, and O Povo Famalicense, and in specialized publications such as Logística & Transportes Hoje, Security Magazine, Supply Chain Magazine, and Logística Moderna. 

The Project aims to develop and launch an innovative label that, besides the capacity to store energy, allows monitoring, in real-time, the status and location of cargo transport. The data obtained through the label is transmitted to an App that will enable the analysis of the information associated with the product.

According to the Project’s responsible, the invention seeks to resolve current gaps in the control and monitoring of goods and equipment in transit, ensuring quality maintenance during its transport.

The label is expected to reach the market in 2022. It intends to revolutionize the Logistics sector, offering a new technological solution capable of optimizing the entire process and, thereby, leveraging the competitiveness of companies.

The Vi-TAG Project is co-financed by COMPETE 2020, involving an eligible cost of €465,663.81 and support from the European Union, through the European Regional Development Fund, of €301,663.81.

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