-PROTECT: Nanotechnology-based Health Innovation

PROTECT: Nanotechnology-based Health Innovation

It is one of the most recent innovations in the Health sector and is being developed under CeNTI’s know-how.

The European PROTECT Project aims to develop a versatile set of 3 production lines for functional coating of solid substrates with Nanoparticles (NPs).

The pre-commercial lines were created to produce antimicrobial textiles (for hospitals and public areas), medical devices (with anti-biofilm properties), and membranes for water treatment. The common factor was the use of high-intensity ultrasound (US).

In addition to these lines novel inorganic, organic, and hybrid Nanoparticles were also developed, and safety by design approaches were implemented to control potential risks during the deposition of NPs and use the final product.

This Project, focused on the Nanotechnology potential in the Health sector, intends to promote new functional products with improved performance, namely antimicrobial textiles, antimicrobial/ anti-biofilm membranes, water treatment solutions, biocompatible and antimicrobial medical devices/ anti-biofilm.

The advanced products and coating processes creation took into account the innovation component and relevant variables with an impact on the market, such as cost, sustainability, and safety.

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