-RDP International highlights DOSEA in Innovation Program

RDP International highlights DOSEA in Innovation Program

The program "Isto faz-se por cá" ("This is done around here", in English) made known the main goals and results of DOSEA. Developed by CeNTI, Neutroplast, and BeyonDevices, the Project consists of creating an intelligent label that, applied to drug packaging, allows the generation and issuance of visual warnings, alerting patients to the timely taking of medication.

In the transmission, which discloses innovative projects developed in Portugal, the researchers also spoke about the App's features associated with the label. Through this, it will be possible to schedule alerts and record the takings, thus ensuring follow-up and greater control over the evolution of the treatment.

In addition to minimizing the negative impact that forgetting to take the medication causes on patients' health, DOSEA aims to contribute to a significant reduction in drug waste.

In the interview, José Gonçalves, Project Manager Officer of CeNTI, and João Redol, CEO of Neutroplast, also spoke about the reasons that led to the development of the Project, the added value of the solution, and the expectations regarding the market.

Listen to the RDP International broadcast HERE (in Portuguese only).
Know more about the Project HERE


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