-Researchers and professionals Analyse the Recycled and Functional Materials impact on Textiles

Researchers and professionals Analyse the Recycled and Functional Materials impact on Textiles

"New Recycled, Functional and Intelligent Materials for the Textile Sector" was the theme of a seminar that gathered, at CITEVE - Textile and Clothing Technology Centre, in Vila Nova de Famalicão (Portugal), researchers and professionals from the textile industry. Promoted by the Portuguese Materials Society (SPM), the event was organised by CeNTI and CITEVE.

After the opening session, led by Braz Costa, CEO of CeNTI and CITEVE, and Sandra Carvalho, from SPM, took place a technological session focused on Materials, where different topics were covered: materials for the Textile and Clothing Industry (TCI) in 2030, nanomaterials applied to TCI, high-performance materials, smart materials and sustainability in textile materials. The subjects were presented by researchers from the two technological centres.

An industrial session followed, focusing on the Applications of new materials at TCI, with the participation of several professionals and companies’ representatives, namely TINTEX Textiles, Pafil, ERT, Grupo Valérius and CORK-A-TEX YARN.

The thematic morning ended with a round-table discussion led by representatives from several entities: SPM / NOVA School of Science and Technology (NOVA FCT), Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto (FCUP), HeiQ Iberia, and Simoldes Group.

The day ended with visits to CeNTI and CITEVE technology centres, allowing the showcase of the laboratories and ongoing Projects.

Which new recycled and smart materials can be applied in the Textile and Clothing Industry? What is the impact of functional materials in this sector? How can they make it more sustainable? These were some of the issues discussed and analysed by the various stakeholders linked to the development, production, characterisation, and application of Materials.

This initiative of the Portuguese Materials Society integrates the "Cycle of Thematic Seminars in the Materials area" initiated by this entity in 2016. Its main objective is to give a global vision of what is being done in Portugal in universities, research centres and laboratories, and companies.

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