-S-Console highlighted at Portuguese radios Observador and TSF

S-Console highlighted at Portuguese radios Observador and TSF

The smart automotive console developed by CeNTI and the Portuguese company Simoldes Plásticos was publicized at the national radio stations Observador and TSF. In addition to the Project's main objectives, the innovative functionalities and the sustainable materials of S-Console were emphasized in the programs "E=mc2" and "Negócios em Português", respectively. 

Driving autonomously, charging the mobile, heating or cooling a bottle, and being alerted to forgotten objects in the car were characteristics focused by TSF. The program also pointed out the console's advanced technologies and communication, sensing, and lighting systems. 

To the Portuguese radio Observador, Inês Matos, Project Manager from CeNTI, enhanced the sustainable materials used to produce the equipment and the technology's distinctive structural design. The automatic gear selector, which interacts with touch and retracts when the autonomous driving mode is activated, was also one of the program's remarks.

The console's results, which promise to make future cars smarter, are expected to be available in 2023.

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