-Skincare textiles and cosmetics want to conquer the industry

Skincare textiles and cosmetics want to conquer the industry

The innovative functional textiles and cosmetics were received in Brussels with great anticipation for the future and a strong interest from the participants. These innovative products result from an European research Project led by CeNTI.

The products, which guarantee thermal comfort, retard skin aging and prevent or mitigate bacterial skin infections, want to revolutionize not only the national industry, but also to conquer the international market. A nanotechnology-based innovation that meets the demands of the textile, health and well-being sectors for increasingly sustainable, environmentally friendly and efficient solutions.

The creation of first layer textiles, which improve thermal management and skin comfort, was one of the main research challenges. In practice, with phase change materials, these textiles adapt to the thermal needs of their users, acting as a thermal barrier for both cold and heat conditions.

The prevention or reduction of bacterial skin infections were also the project's priority objectives which, to this end, developed a set of textiles and lotions with nanocapsules loaded with essential oils. Controlled release of these active substances directly into the skin ensures its protection and natural care effectively and sustainably.

Under this project, called Skhincaps, several creams containing a cocktail of vitamins and antioxidants encapsulated in nanocapsules were produced. Its release to the skin, triggered by external factors such as its pH or temperature, allows it to slow the aging process.

Underlying these products and innovation in general is the development and use of highly safe and sustainable natural-based nanocapsules that guarantee the full effectiveness and stability of the active ingredients incorporated in them (phase change materials, vitamins, antioxidants and natural essential oils).

A number of tests conducted during the research have proven the effectiveness of this technology, including increased economic benefits and strong industrial production capacity. Capital gains that the consortium is now promoting both in national and international markets.

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