-Smart textile structures reinforce comfort and sustainability

Smart textile structures reinforce comfort and sustainability

Under the TexBoost – less Commodities more Specialities Project scope, CeNTI has participated in the development of a new generation of textiles structures for application in the automotive sector’s components and multi-risk protective clothing. The idea is to guarantee more comfort and advanced levels of resistance, efficiency, and sustainability.

TexBoost – New Structures (PPS3 – AN1)
Smarter, more rigid, and sustainable cars 

CeNTI has participated in the development of a new generation of hybrid textile structures - fibers with sensing properties and electronic components – for monitoring the structural health of thermosetting composites of, for example, the components of an automobile. Apart from the mechanical reinforcement of these components, the structures will allow to monitor their performance, preventing possible failures and alerting to the necessity of vehicle part replacement (preventive maintenance of automotive parts). Making the future cars more efficient, safer, lighter, and environmentally friendly was CeNTI, CITEVE - Centro Tecnológico Têxtil e Vestuário, INEGI, TMG Automotive, and Simoldes Plásticos’ Consortium main goal with TexBoost Project. 

TexBoost – New Structures (PPS3 – AN2)
Textile innovation coupled with environmental efficiency and automotive comfort

Functional textile structures that increase the mechanical performance of automotive components. This was one of the main results of TexBoost, a Project that CeNTI participated. These structures, composed of high-performance fibres, will allow the components strengthening, obtaining a more significant compromise between weight and performance, in response to essential values, such as efficiency and sustainability. The technology was conceived and created by the CeNTI, CITEVE - Centro Tecnológico Têxtil e Vestuário, INEGI, TMG Automóvel, and Simoldes Plásticos’ Consortium. CeNTI was responsible for sizing formulations’ development, to improve fiber-thermoplastic matrix interface and reinforcement fibers’ compatibility (e.g., carbon fiber, commingled yarns) with the TMG textile’s weaving processes.

TexBoost – New Structures (PPS3 – AN3)
Textile innovation guarantees highly levels in multi-risk protection 

In this area, CeNTI developed new high-performance fibers and yarns, resistant to high temperatures for application in multi-risk protective clothing. The new advanced mesh structures, incorporating wool, combine several protection standards designed for individual protection. Among other benefits are the proven durability of performance, the easy cleaning, and the possibility of these materials/ equipment being used in industrial laundries. Besides the Centre, this innovation was developed by CITEVE - Centro Tecnológico Têxtil e Vestuário, A. Sampaio e Fiação da Graça.

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Image (source): CITEVE

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