-Smart textiles that heat and dry will revolutionize the sector

Smart textiles that heat and dry will revolutionize the sector

The Portuguese company Têxteis JF Almeida and the research centres CeNTI and CITEVE developed a new line of bathroom and kitchen items - robes, slippers, rugs, bath towels, and table cloth - which, in addition to enhancing water absorption and/or moisture and quick drying (moisture management), have the capacity for intelligent heating, in a simple, quickly and effective way.

The new products, which are expected to reach the market this year, with a particular focus on Europe and North America, were highlighted by the Portuguese newspaper Dinheiro Vivo, in an article that focused on the main characteristics and functional properties of these products.

At the base of innovation is the integration, in the terry structures, of heating wires and intelligent and autonomous sensing systems so that they do not interfere negatively with the user or with the intrinsic properties of the new terry structures, namely flexibility, malleability, lightness, and touch.

The products, which guarantee a new experience for its users, promise to revolutionize the international textile sector.

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