-SmartEEs2 Project featured at ECO

SmartEEs2 Project featured at ECO

ECO, one of the most important digital platforms for economic dissemination in Portugal, presented SmartEEs2, a European Project of which CeNTI is the only Portuguese promoter.

"Digitizing to strengthen the competitiveness of the Industry" is the title of the article that focuses on the main objectives and expected results of the European initiative, which aims to accelerate the digitization of companies.

The report highlights, above all, the Project's potential and the impact it has had on the business community, for which it has provided financial support for testing, experimenting and manufacturing innovative solutions that integrate flexible electronics (Flexible and Wearable Electronics - FWE).

Close to 50 companies benefit from these services and will also have access to a Pan-European collaboration network. SmartEEs2 also aims to promote, through the dissemination campaign that it is launching across Europe, the potential of flexible electronics and its impact on the digital transition among European companies, regardless of their technological maturity or sector of activity.

In addition to these aspects, the journal mentions the "Technical Marketplace", developed within the scope of the Project, a catalogue of 106 innovative solutions available to companies. The digital platform has an exclusive list of products, prototypes and technical services based on flexible electronics and integrates a "Business Marketplace", as well as an "Organization Register" for the FWE community.

SmartEEs2 Project is funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme.

Read the full news HERE (in Portuguese only).
Know more about the Project HERE and HERE.

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