-SmartEEs2: Technical Catalogue available for consultation

SmartEEs2: Technical Catalogue available for consultation

The SmartEEs2 Innovative Technology Solutions Catalogue is now available for consultation.

Through this document, you can be aware of the products, prototypes, and technical services associated with the European Project focused on Flexible Electronics (Flexible and Wearable Electronics).

In total, 107 innovative solutions associated with different types such as Printed Electronics, Organic Photovoltaic, or Electroluminescent Lighting, are available. These solutions can be applied in several sectors.

Promoting and enhancing the integration of Flexible Electronics (Flexible and Wearable Electronics) in new products and processes has been the main objective of SmartEEs2, a project in which CeNTI is part of the consortium.

Visit the SmartEEs2 online Technical Marketplace and know more about these solutions. 

Find out more about the Project HERE and HERE

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