-SmartFRAME: smart gesture-controlled window is coming

SmartFRAME: smart gesture-controlled window is coming

A smart window that can be controlled by an App and open or close using gestures is being developed within Project SmartFRAME, which is in the final stage. The technological solution, developed in Portugal by the company ECOSTEEL and CeNTI, also includes other features such as remote maintenance, air quality monitoring and air renewal systems and low-energy automation, which will ensure comfort inside the home, as well as improve the energy efficiency of the building.

Joana Fonseca, Project manager on behalf of CeNTI, highlights the intelligent air renewal system as one of the differentiating characteristics of the window, above all, due to the direct impact it will have on the well-being and health of users: "The quality of the air, inside buildings, is today one of the biggest concerns of professionals working in the Construction area. Poor air quality may be associated with lung diseases in the population."

The air renewal system includes a network of sensors to collect and pre-process environmental data (such as temperature and humidity), and CO2 (carbon dioxide) and CH4 (methane) levels. Through this information, it is possible to improve air quality and optimise its renovation inside buildings.

In addition to all this, the window also has built-in approach detection systems and low-energy automation. Associated with the App is an online platform for controlling and viewing the window's status.

According to the promoting company, the smart window should soon reach the market. Still, its commercialisation may be fragmented: "the modularity of the solution will allow us to offer a differentiated product adjusted to the needs of each client". Each product will be different, depending on the characteristics desired by the customer, the building and the geographic location, among others.

The smart window, which integrates several autonomous, interaction and home automation systems, promises to revolutionise the Construction and Architecture sectors, going beyond the current goals of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

The SmartFRAME Project is co-financed by Portugal 2020, within the scope of the Competitiveness and Internationalization Operational Program (COMPETE 2020) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

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