-IT Solutions that reduce accidents and increase the sleep's quality

IT Solutions that reduce accidents and increase the sleep's quality

Textiles structures that monitor the driver's biometric state and comfort and contribute to reduce road accidents. And an innovative mattress cover with a temperature control system that guarantees sleep's total quality - two revolutionary solutions with CeNTI's technology and know-how. 

TexBoost - IE Textiles (PPS4 – AN1)
CeNTI reinforces car driving safety

CeNTI's researchers developed new smart textiles structures incorporated with electronic sensors (hardware, firmware, and software) for car seats. This advanced solution monitors the driver's biometric status and comfort using wearable technology integrated into the car seat cover, thus contributing to reduce road accidents. Besides textiles structures, CeNTI was also responsible for the design and prototyping. This disruptive solution was developed by Borgstena, CeNTI, Instituto de Telecomunicações Aveiro, and Universidade da Beira Interior's Consortium, in TexBoost Project scope. 

TexBoost - IE Textiles (PPS4 – AN2)
Do you need to improve the quality of your sleep?

The solution may lie in the smart mattress cover developed by a consortium composed of Grupo LASA, Filasa, CeNTI, and CITEVE - Centro Tecnológico Têxtil e Vestuário, for the TexBoost Project. Using a temperature control system, this mattress cover allows the user to heat or cool, continuously and permanently improving his comfort and quality of life. In this research, CeNTI was responsible for selecting the circulation and temperature control system's components, developing the hardware, firmware, and software (application included) for system control, and creating the external control box. An innovative answer to fight sleep disorders, one of the biggest health problems in society.

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Image (source): CITEVE

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