-Sustainable Plastics receives more than €24 million from the PRR to promote Plastics' Circular Economy

Sustainable Plastics receives more than €24 million from the PRR to promote Plastics' Circular Economy

Sustainable Plastics, led by Logoplaste Innovation Lab and APIP - Associação Portuguesa da Indústria de Plásticos and of which CeNTI is a partner, was approved and will receive around 24.5 million euros funding from the Portuguese Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR).

The Project aims to be the Mobilising Agenda for Sustainable Plastics in Portugal, capable of leveraging the sector's green transition to a truly circular economy. The initiative is based on three pillars: reducing greenhouse gas emissions, greater resource efficiency and job creation.

Sustainable Plastics also has the following objectives: to introduce 21 innovative products to the market, which add value to the Plastics' Circular Economy and consumers; 36 new patents, registering technological and scientific advances; and scientific publications, sharing knowledge nationally and internationally.

Due to the complexity of the Plastics Industry value chain, the Project aims to promote the creation of an innovation ecosystem capable of involving all these economic agents, from production, retail, distribution and waste management. Thus, in addition to mobilising the private sector, Sustainable Plastics aims to involve national authorities, universities and citizens.

In this sense, the Consortium brings together 39 companies and 10 non-business entities from the Scientific and Technological System, covering all segments and subsectors. Benefiting from technical, organisational and technological skills and competencies, these organisations enable the response to ambitious European goals, also contributing to a more dynamic, exporting and highly qualified Portugal.

By the end of the Project, it is expected the involvement of around 427 highly qualified human resources in the fields of science, engineering and technology promoting more than 80 training actions and creating new jobs.

Sustainable Plastics proposes a global investment of more than 39 million euros, receiving a national contribution of almost 24.5 million euros and will be completed with achieved results by December 31st, 2025.

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