-TexBoost: New generation of textile solutions

TexBoost: New generation of textile solutions

Promoted by the Portuguese Textile Cluster, the Project gathers companies and other entities and aims to create new experiences for consumers and organizations.

The TexBoost - less Commodities more Specialties is organized into 6 PPS - Products, Processes, and Services, built on 50 activities, resulting in 17 new innovative solutions for different areas.

Started in 2017, the Project has the following main activities: develop a new generation of textile solutions and new scientific knowledge in this area, including the creation of highly innovative products and processes. 

TexBoost also aims to foster news experiences for consumers and companies that are involved in the Project, as well as facilitate the access of these companies into new markets or business areas access. 

The Project consortium, led by RIOPELE and under the technical coordination of CITEVE, involves 43 entities, of which 23 are industrial companies of the entire textile industry and 15 are Non-corporate Entities of the Research & Innovation System.

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