-ViBrANT2021: Scientists want to stop viral and bacterial infections

ViBrANT2021: Scientists want to stop viral and bacterial infections

Find new solutions to fight viral and bacterial infections. This was the main challenge of ViBrANT2021 conference, an initiative organized by MSCA-ITN ViBrANT network, which took place in July in a virtual format. Microbiology, structural biology, virology, diagnosis and bioinformatics were some of the topics covered in the session.

The meeting brought together scientists from several countries within the scope of ViBrANT Project (Viral and Bacterial Adhesin Network Training), in which CeNTI participates, to boost science in creating diagnostic methods for infections using, in particular, pioneering anti-adhesive materials.

ViBrANT Project brings together several European specialists from fields of Engineering, Physics and Biomedicine, to study bacterial and viral adhesion processes. In an academic and industrial environment, research is carried out through a network of partners comprising nine educational institutions, a non-profit research institute, three SMEs, and a large-scale company.

Searching for solutions and answers for the future of medicine, developing technologies that make it possible to stake on personalized medicine and revolutionizing patient care are the main purposes of ViBrANT. Scholars seek to transform the knowledge acquired about infectious diseases into innovative technologies.

Know more about the Project HERE.

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