-Video highlights application of KETs in Construction and Architecture

Video highlights application of KETs in Construction and Architecture

CeNTI launched a video animation about Key Enabling Technologies (KETs), to raise awareness in the Industry about the impact and benefits of technologies.  
In addition to explaining what KETs are, the video highlights some examples of the application of technologies in the Construction and Architecture sector, including their advantages.  
KETs, also known as Key Enabling Technologies, are guidelines of the European Commission, orientated to companies, aiming to enhance and promote the development of products and innovative solutions. The main focus is to encourage and create a more sustainable, competitive, and equal economy.  
The animation, launched by CeNTI, integrates the national bKET Project - Boosting Key Enabling Technologies. Project promoted by CeNTI, was co-financed by Portugal 2020, under the Operational Programme Competitiveness and Internationalization (COMPETE 2020) and the European Regional Development Fund.

Watch the video HERE.

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