-Video highlights potential of EcoBioInks4SmartTextiles

Video highlights potential of EcoBioInks4SmartTextiles

The video of EcoBioInks4SmartTextiles, a Project developed by CeNTI and the Centre for Biological Engineering (CEB) of the University of Minho, has just been released. It highlights the main objectives and potential of the innovative Project, which already has a patent application underway focusing on the potentialities of nature and the promotion of manufacturing processes sustainability.

Among the differentiating aspects of the technological solution emphasised in the video are the biological origin and reversible and photo-controllable fluorescent properties of the developed materials. These bio-inks have the ability to change colour in response to different light sources, ensuring more safety and efficiency in technical and smart textiles.

Its use in the fight against counterfeiting is one of the main advantages mentioned since these bio-inks have unique and exclusive properties that are difficult to copy or clone. Its application and commercialisation potentials are enormous. In addition to being used in clothing and decorative items, in the future they could be used as security prints, for example, on banknotes and identification documents.

EcoBioInks4SmartTextiles was also presented in a free Webinar, promoted by CeNTI and CEB, which addressed the potential of Biotechnology and its impact on Industry, with emphasis on Sustainability. "Biotechnology at the service of industrial innovation" was the session's theme aimed at professionals, researchers and specialists.

In addition to Project's promoters, the initiative had the participation of the companies TINTEX and ACATEL and the CITEVE Technological Centre. New trends, approaches, and technological solutions were discussed and presented in the session.

Watch the video HERE.
Know more about EcoBioInks4SmartTextiles HERE.

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