Press highlights the impact of SmartEEs2 on the digitalization of companies

The SmartEEs2 Project was news in various media. In addition to the objectives and expected results, the reports highlighted, above all, t...

2022: CeNTI reinforces its commitment to Sustainability and Digitalization

At CeNTI, technological innovation and differentiating Projects marked 2021, a year full of challenges and adversities that were overcome with tenacity, commitment and creativity. 2022 will be no different and, in this n...

HelpinTex: non-slip mats detect and warn of movements inside the home

It is called HelpinTex and is a Project by the company António...

Bio-inks used to fight textile counterfeiting

CeNTI and CEB - Centre of Biological Engineering of the University of Minho have jointly...

RDP International highlights DOSEA in Innovation Program

The program "Isto faz-se por cá" ("This is done around here", in English) made known the main goals and results of...
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