FuEL turned 8 ideas into business

The national program FuEL, which supported eight innovative business ideas, proved to be a success within the business, scientific and technologi...

bKET: Website promotes KETs and innovative demonstrators

A website to promote the Key Enabling Technologies was launched by CeNTI. The platform presents the KETS, demonstrators according to these technologies, areas of implementation and companies that are part of the KETs eco...

iHeatex highlighted on the Portuguese national television TVI

The iHeatex Project, developed by JF Almeida in collaboration with CeNTI and...

NOTICE: Preventive measures COVID-19

In a preventive and responsable framework, and following the recommendations and guidelines of the Portuguese Health Department (DGS) for the adoption of preventive and contingency measures for the propagation of COVID-1...

CeNTI at Keyhouse Munich Fabric Start in Germany

CeNTI promoted, at the fair of the textile and fashion sector, in Munich, some of its technologies and innovations related to
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