Masks4Safety: smart masks that avoid the spread of Covid-19

It is one more innovative technological solution to fight the spread of SARS-CoV-2 in the community.  It is called

Nature at the service of technology for a more sustainable future

Focused on the Circular Economy and sustainability, CeNTI cooperated to create technical textiles solutions using vegetable solid waste and subproducts from the animal leather and dairy industry. Stimulating the creation...

IT Solutions that reduce accidents and increase the sleep's quality

Textiles structures that monitor the driver's biometric state and comfort and contribute to reduce road accidents. And an innovative mattress cover with a temperature control system that guarantees sleep's total...

Smart textile structures reinforce comfort and sustainability

Under the TexBoost – less Commodities more Specialities Project scope, CeNTI has partici...

Innovative clothing guarantee user’s safety in outdoor activities

TexBoost - New Materials (PPS2 - AN1) Under the
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