CeNTI presented Innovations at the largest word fair for Sports

CeNTI was once again at ISPO Munich, the largest international Sports fair that, this year, happened, for the first time, in a virtual format.

iP VEST: Portuguese press highlights smart protection equipment

It is one of the most recent innovations by CeNTI, CITEVE, and the Portuguese companies Scorecode Têxteis S.A. (S...

CeNTI joins the "Manifesto for EU COVID-19 Research"

CeNTI has subscribed the "Mani...

HydroMask: innovation against the Covid-19 proliferation

A mask with a humidity detection system that, through an evident change of color, indicates the user when it must be replaced. It's the CeNTI and the Portuguese company

Solutions Made in Portugal highlighted at MEDICA 2020

The Projects DOSEA and Masks4Safety...
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