TexBoost: New generation of textile solutions

Promoted by the Portuguese Textile Cluster, the Project gathers companies and other entities and aims to create new experiences for consumers and orga...

S-Console highlighted at Portuguese radios Observador and TSF

The smart automotive console developed by CeNTI and the Portuguese company Simoldes Plásticos was publicized at the national radio stations

CeNTI highlighted in the Portuguese Media

Innovative projects with unique and disruptive functionalities, Made in Portugal. INStone,

CeNTI highlighted at Imagens de Marca at the Portuguese TV SIC

The program, which discloses brands and reference entities, presented information about the Centre, its facilities, activities, and Projects, with a focus on

CeNTI creates sensor for masks that monitor breathing rhythm

#Covid-19 CeNTI is developing a sensor that, incorporated in a protection mask, will monitor its user's breathing rhythm and identify possible changes and deviations from standard...
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