Skhincaps Project transforms Textile and Cosmetic Industries

Did you ever imagine wearing the same sweater comfortably in summer and winter? Or moisturize your skin with a natural-based cream that also protects you from bacterial infections? If a few years ago this was unthinkable, now with the Skhincaps Pr...

CeNTI promotes Nanotechnology in the North Region

CeNTI participated in the last meeting of the regional stakeholder group of the first phase of the NMP-REG (Delivering Nanotechnologies, advanced Materials and Production to REGional manufacturing) project, which took place at INL - Iberian Intern...

CeNTI highlights the success of Nanotechnology in Northern Portugal

“Mudar o Mundo com a Nanotecnologia” brings together projects that place Portugal on the map of the discoveries of the XXI century and was created under the scope of the Nanotech@NortePT project, an initiative promoted by CeNTI - Centr...

Bernardino Machado Museum exhibits nanotechnology

Publicize innovative ideas and products, as well as new practical applications of nanotechnology and their impact on the industry of Northern Portugal, are the goals of the exhibition that CeNTI - Centre of Nanotechnology and Smart Materials carri...

Project for implementation of KETs in the National Industry

According to the European Commission, the development of competitiveness and innovation at the cutting edge of technology for the well-being, prosperity and security of citizens is essential. Within this philosophy of evolution and techn...
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