CeNTI offers more than a dozen visors to Famalicão school

The Centre for Nanotechnology and Smart Materials donated more than a dozen visors to the Centro Escolar de Antas, in Vila Nova de Famalicão (Portugal).&...

Portuguese Press highlights CeNTI innovation against Covid-19

Several media reported what is one of the most recent CeNTI Projects against the current Covid-19 pandemic. The Centre, in partnership with the company

CeNTI in the fight against Covid-19

The Centre has offered face protector shields to Hospital de Braga (Portugal). This personal protection equipment was developed and produced internally....

DOSEA: Smart solution for drug therapy

CeNTI, in cooperation with two Portuguese companies Neutroplast and BeyonDevices, is developing smart tags for monitoring medication. Incorporated in the...

FuEL turned 8 ideas into business

The national program FuEL, which supported eight innovative business ideas, proved to be a success within the business, scientific and technologi...
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