HelpInTex: smart mat captivates Portuguese press attention

HelpInTex, a Project by the company António Salgado, CeNTI and CITEVE - Centro Tecnoló...

SMART4CAR: technological innovation at the service of the automotive sector

SMART4CAR, called “Smart Surfaces For Automotive Components”, is a differentiating Project that aims to endow car components with intelligent, decorative and functional features.

SmartEEs Association aims to digitise the Industry through Flexible Electronics

One of the main novelties of the 2022 edition of LOPEC was the launch of SmartEEs Association. The international organisation derives from a European Project with th...

Technological innovations from CeNTI arrive at LOPEC 2022

CeNTI was once again present at LOPEC (Large-area, Organic & Printed Electronics Convention), the leading international fair in the Printed and Organic Electronics sector. In the initiative, which took place from 22n...

Wear2Heal: textiles that accelerate muscle recovery

It is a differentiating technological solution that promises to revolutionize the health of athletes. It's called Wear2Heal, an...
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