FF2F: a new generation of sustainable packaging and products

The creation of sustainable cellulose-based packaging and products to replace fossil plastics is the main objective of the FF2F Innova...

AM2R: innovative solutions to transform the two-wheel sector

Promoting innovation in the two-wheel sector, developing new features and differentiating products for users and/or velocipedes is the AM2R Mobilising Agenda’s purpose. Within t...

VINCI 7D: 3D printing technology at the Automotive industry’s service

How to obtain components for the Automotive industry that are even more innovative and bold in terms of design without compromising the efficiency of the production process? The VINCI 7D was created to address this chall...

ASINA: boost the safe use of Nanotechnology in the Industry

Boosting the implementation of Nanotechnology in the Industry by creating safer products for people is ASINA's primary objective. The Project called Anticipating Safety Issues at the Design Stage of NAno Product Deve...

NEO4Future: textile filaments that contain essential oils

What if, when using textile items, it was possible to benefit from essential oils' therapeutic properties? It was with this purpose that
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