Bionanopolys: innovative technologies accessible to European SMEs

European small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can, until April 30th, 2023, apply for the Bionanopolys “Open Call” to develop, test or upscale the technologies developed by the Project free of charge. Thi...

CeNTI's team participates in a Workshop on Patent Research

CeNTI researchers attended a Workshop held in partnership with Patentree, a consultancy company specialising in intellectual property, on the theme "Intellectual P...

Be@t: the Project that wants to reconvert the textile and clothing industry

From nature, in a circular and sustainable way, to people. With the bioeconomy motto, Be@t aims to develop solutions to empower and catapult the textile and clothing industry to the forefront in topics such as traceabili...

Green4Industry: high-tech innovation to boost the Industry

Boosting the development of value-added solutions focused on Nanotechnology, Advanced Materials and Smart Systems, in the areas of Energy, Transport and Industry is one of Green4Industry - Boosting technology transfer...

BIOMAT: Press highlights international Project focused on bioeconomy

Several Portuguese media have publicised BIOMAT, a European Project coordinated by CeNTI. In addition to the objectives, the press emphasised the main expected results of the Project, which aims to accelerate the Europea...
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