BIOMAT: Press highlights international Project focused on bioeconomy

Several Portuguese media have publicised BIOMAT, a European Project coordinated by CeNTI. In addition to the objectives, the press emphasised the main expected results of the Project, which aims to accelerate the Europea...

Fiber4Fiber: video highlights traceable and sustainable cellulosic fibres

CeNTI released a video about the Fiber4Fiber Project, disclosing the production process of eucalyptus-based cellulosic textile fibres. The presentation also highlights the advantages of these traceable products and their...

CeNTI promotes in Europe innovation made in Portugal

CeNTI was present, in the last quarter, at the leading international technological fairs. In 2022, the events returned in force and the Nanotechnology Centre's differentiating solutions were highlighted throughout Eu...

Portuguese Project aligned with the European Green Deal

Green4Industry, a SIAC Project, is based on the European Green Deal, a sustainable growth strategy that aims to achieve carbon ne...

CeNTI promotes Green4Industry at several international events

Focused on Sustainability and Digital Transformation, Green4Industry is one of CeNTI's Projects that aims the promotion of sc...
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