Horizon Europe: CeNTI active in new Innovation and Technology Projects

Given the opening of a new community framework that privileges Innovation and Technology, CeNTI is actively involved in the preparation of new Projects to respond to different industrial-technological challenges. In clos...

Portuguese press highlights smart tag for Logistics sector

Several media have made Vi-TAG known, a Project by CeNTI and Viatel, a leading Portugue...

Dinheiro Vivo highlights CeNTI's anniversary, past and future

The 15th anniversary, the new facilities, the team's growth, the objectives, and areas that CeNTI intends to focus in the coming years. These were the themes of an extended article in

Label stores energy and monitors location of goods and equipments

It is a technological solution aiming to optimize the control and logistical management of goods during their transport. It's called TAG-RFID, and it's a label that will allow to monitor, in real-time, the locati...

Label alerts to the intake of medication at the right time and dosage

It is a Project by CeNTI, Neutroplast, and Beyond Devices and involves the creation of a smart label to be incorporated into medication packaging such as...
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