CeNTI at the forefront of the Green and Digital Transition

BIOMAT and BIONANOPOLYS are part of an international Workshop th...

SmartEEs2: a Webinar focused on Printed Electronics is coming

On July 14th, CeNTI promotes a Webinar dedicated to the SmartEEs2 Project, whose theme will be "Sensing Technologies and Devices in F...

S-Console will be presented at OE-A Virtual Seminar

"Printed Electronics Insights: OE-A Competition 2021 - The winners" is the subject of a virtual seminar that the OE-A - Organic and Printed Electronics Association

TexBoost: Project’s Consortium presents the textile innovations of the future

The virtual presentation session of the most recent technologies, developed within the scope of the

SmartEEs2: CeNTI promotes training event

"Hybrid Printed Electronics for Flexible, Stretchable and 3D Products" is the theme of the Webinar that CeNTI and TNO will hold on December 7th, 2020. The vi...
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