-Automotive Interiors: CeNTI presents the future’s car seat

Automotive Interiors: CeNTI presents the future’s car seat

“Seamless textile sensing solutions for car seats” is the theme of the CeNTI’s virtual presentation at Automotive Interiors, a European exhibition that takes place on December 1st and 2nd. 

At the event dedicated to the automotive interior, the Centre will take the opportunity to present one of its recent technological solutions that, incorporated in the driver’s seat, will allow to increase comfort and monitoring the biometric status. The technology will use, for this purpose, the crossing of the driver’s heart and respiratory data with information related to his comfort, such as humidity, pressure, and temperature. 

On December 2nd, in the session “Advanced Textiles, Plastics, and Composite Materials,” João Gomes, Centre’s Chief Operations, will present this technology. The high innovative differentiation, which promises to revolutionize the automotive industry, aims to alert the driver to possibly dangerous situations and prevent accidents. 

This year, the international reference conference will bring the entire community together in an online format to discuss emerging trends, technologies, and materials and develop networking among professionals.

More information about the event HERE.

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