-CeNTI at the forefront of the Green and Digital Transition

CeNTI at the forefront of the Green and Digital Transition

BIOMAT and BIONANOPOLYS are part of an international Workshop that aims to empower companies with nano-enabled biomaterials

The initiative, which takes place on Wednesday, October 20, in a virtual format, is organized by the Project INN-PRESSME and brings together four Open Innovation Test Beds (OITBs), including the two international Projects in which CeNTI participates.

The session will bring together SMEs, industrial associations, clusters, universities, and research centres, focusing on promoting among professionals, specialists and researchers the OITB services, namely practical solutions and opportunities provided by OITBs for the automobile, energy, construction, consumer goods, and packaging sectors. Companies will also have the opportunity to present new ideas and materials that can be expanded by the OITBs.

Accelerating the green and digital transition and enhancing industrial innovation through the adoption of nanotechnologies and advanced materials are the objectives of the OITBs. These entities provide businesses with access to physical facilities, technical knowledge and services, including laboratory validation of prototypes.

Find out everything about the event and register HERE.
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