-CeNTI highlights the importance of Nanotechnology and Smart Materials in Taiwan

CeNTI highlights the importance of Nanotechnology and Smart Materials in Taiwan

The impact and importance of Nanotechnology and Smart Materials on the textile industry will be the topic that CeNTI will address at TIFE 2019 in Taiwan. The Textile International Forum and Exhibition, which takes place on September 18-19th, is one of the world's leading initiatives focused on innovation and global textile trends.

The development of novel smart and functional textile solutions, with emphasis in the introduction of new functionalities by using smart nanomaterials and nanostructures in processes and applications for the textile sector, will be some of the topics that the Centre highlighted in the initiative.

A brief showcase of technologies, capabilities and differentiated products that represent the disruptive innovative dynamics of the national T&C sector, focusing on CeNTI’s key role in the collaboration with companies and boosting the technology transfer to them, will be presented.

It’s important to point out that advanced textiles are one of the main markets that the Centre has been working for developing, in partnership with various players, numerous innovative and differentiating products. Creating a new generation of high-tech textiles has been one of CeNTI's key challenges.

Promoted by the Taiwan Textile Research Institute, this year's TIFE will focus on "Intelligent Navigation & Digital Circularity", based on innovation, technology, digital transformation and sustainability in the textile industry.

The initiative, which takes place at the National Taiwan University International Convention Center, will bring together business people, experts and researchers from around the world.

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