-CeNTI meets with big players of the automotive industry in reference fair

CeNTI meets with big players of the automotive industry in reference fair

The Automotive Interiors Expo event will take place from 21 to 23 May at the Messe Stuttgart Exhibition Center in Germany, with the participation of CeNTI.

Throughout the 13 years of CeNTI's research, more than 170 projects have been developed in the most diverse areas, from Automotive and Aeronautics, Health and Welfare, Construction and Architecture, Advanced Textiles, Academic and Scientific, among others.

This time, it was the opportunity of CeNTI to present solutions and projects for the automotive sector, in one of the world's leading reference fairs for the sector: Automotive Interiors Expo.

In this initiative CeNTI is announcing several projects, among which:



No associated project


No associated project


iTechinovcar (QREN)

Simoldes plásticos, CeNTI, Citeve

CHROMIUM LIKE (PT2020, co-promotion)

Simoldes plásticos, CeNTI

S-Console (PT2020, co-promoção)

Simoldes plásticos, CeNTI

HAPITEX (PT2020, individual)

Continental - Indústria Têxtil do Ave S.A., CeNTI

HISURFACE (PT2020, individual)

TMG Automotive, CeNTI

SATEX (PT2020, individual)

Borgstena Group Portugal

COMFORDRIVER (PT2020, individual)

Borgstena Group Portugal


FOI, Citeve, Fraunhofer, DAMEL, Center for Physical Sciences and Technology, TNO, SAFRAN


We recall that, for the automotive sector, CeNTI has been developing a large number of projects, among which are chrome-plated plastics for cars with no chromium, natural skin with improved cleaning properties, a center console with integration of innovative technology, PVC-based artificial skin with breathability and moisture management in car seatinnovative solutions for artificial skin, intelligent materials for the transport sector,  incorporating properties self-responsive, among others.

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