-CeNTI organize free Webinar focused on Flexible Electronics

CeNTI organize free Webinar focused on Flexible Electronics

On June 2, CeNTI will organize a free Webinar focused on Flexible and Wearable Electronics (FWE) within the scope of the SmartEEs2 Project. Registration for the online session, which takes place between 10h00 and 11h00 (CET) with transmission through the Microsoft Teams platform, is now open.

The initiative, which closes a cycle of events already held on FWE, will address the theme "Stretchable electronics for structural electronics and e-textiles", emphasising available technologies related to the development of e-textiles and reliability tests. This theme will be presented by Project partner IMEC.

These sessions aim to provide professionals and entrepreneurs with the necessary technical conditions and knowledge regarding the application of Flexible Electronics in products, services, processes and working methods.

SmartEEs2 is a European Project funded by the European Commission, which has a consortium composed of 14 entities from different European countries, with CeNTI being the only Portuguese entity to participate.

The Project aims to support innovative companies to digitise their businesses, reinforcing their competitive advantage and providing financial support for the development, testing, experimentation and production of solutions that integrate FWE. It will also allow partners access to a collaborative Pan-European Network.

Learn more and register for the free webinar HERE.
Find out all about SmartEEs2 on the Project website or HERE.

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