-CeNTI promotes advantages of Smart Materials in Italy

CeNTI promotes advantages of Smart Materials in Italy

The importance and impact of Smart Materials and Nanotechnology in the textile sector will be the theme of CeNTI's travel to Italy, with presence in two of the largest initiatives on the subject.

The Centre will participate on September 30th at the Innovation Day, an initiative of the SMARTX - European Smart Textiles Platform project, which is taking place in Biella. "Smart Materials in Europe" will be the theme of the Centre's intervention and aims to promote the importance of smart materials in the textile segment.

Later, from October 2nd to 4th, CeNTI will be present at Lineapelle Square in Milan, a major event dedicated to luxury and fashion leather-based materials. Besides promoting its key solutions for these markets, CeNTI will also integrate a conference dedicated to "Wearable devices". "Integration of Printed Electronics into non-conventional flexible substrates" will be the theme of the Centre's intervention.

The world's leading trade show for leather-based materials and components, Lineapelle Innovation Square is currently one of the most important international venues for trend and needs, and a share of technological innovations, in particular innovative projects that boost and stimulate the textile industry.

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