-CeNTI promotes new free Webinar focused on Flexible Electronics

CeNTI promotes new free Webinar focused on Flexible Electronics

CeNTI will organise, on September 29th, at 11:00 am (CET), a new free Webinar focused on the area of Flexible and Wearable Electronics (FWE), within the scope of the SmartEEs2 Project, of which the Centre is one of the 14 promoters.

The initiative, which closes the Project’s cycle of events, is presented by Project partner IMEC and addresses the theme "Stretchable electronics for structural electronics and e-textiles", emphasising technologies related to developing e-textiles and reliability tests. These sessions aim to provide professionals and entrepreneurs with the necessary technical conditions and knowledge regarding applying Flexible Electronics to products, services, processes and working methods.

SmartEEs2 intends to support innovative companies to digitise their businesses, reinforcing their competitive advantage and providing financial support for developing, testing, experimenting and producing solutions that integrate FWE. Close to 50 companies already benefit from these services and will also have access to a Pan-European collaboration network.

The Project also makes the "Technical Marketplace" available to companies, a catalogue of 106 innovative technological solutions. The digital platform has an exclusive list of products, prototypes and technical services and integrates a "Business Marketplace" and an "Organization Register" for the FWE community.

SmartEEs2 is a European Project funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, which has a budget of 8 million euros to accelerate the digitisation of companies.

Learn more about the Webinar and register HERE.
Find out all about SmartEEs2 on the Project website or HERE.

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