-CeNTI promotes Webinar focused on Bionanopolys

CeNTI promotes Webinar focused on Bionanopolys

On May 24, CeNTI will hold the "National Stakeholders Event", an online session focused on the Bionanopolys Project. Registration for the event, which takes place between 10h00 and 12h30 (WEST), with broadcast in English, is still open.

The initiative, also promoted by national partners Logoplaste, Biotrend and Danipack, aims to present the Open Innovation Test Bed (OITB) and the different pilot-scale technologies available, as well as their contributions to the Project, with a focus on Portuguese stakeholders and in industrial success cases.

The Webinar's agenda includes presentations by the Project's national partners and other guest speakers, who will address various topics related to Bionanopolys.

Recall that the main challenge of this Project, which brings together 27 European partners, is to develop nano-enabled bio-based materials with multifunctional properties, which could, for example, be applied in cosmetics, textiles, coatings and packaging.

In addition to seeking to respond to the environmental guidelines defined by the European Union, the Project aims to accelerate the introduction and adoption by the market of these new sustainable materials. Through a Single-Entry Point (SEP), the Project will offer interested companies access to physical facilities, technical-scientific knowledge and innovation management services, from the laboratory validation phase to industrial prototyping.

Save the date, check the program and register for the Webinar HERE.

Learn more about Bionanopolys on the Project website or HERE.

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