-SmartEEs2: CeNTI promotes training event

SmartEEs2: CeNTI promotes training event

"Hybrid Printed Electronics for Flexible, Stretchable and 3D Products" is the theme of the Webinar that CeNTI and TNO will hold on December 7th, 2020. The virtual session is part of the European SmartEEs2 Project.

The action, directed to professionals, entrepreneurs, and researchers, will discuss Printed Electronics topics, such as processing, printing, assembly, and building. Some demos associated with these technologies will also be presented. 

Remember that the SmartEEs2 aims to promote the integration of Flexible and Wearable Electronics Technologies in small and large companies' processes and products, reinforcing its competitive advantage in the international economy.

The registration is free and can be done HERE.

About the SmartEEs2

It's a European Project, with CeNTI’s participation, that aims to raise entrepreneurs' awareness and promote the integration, in the Industry, of Flexible and Wearable Electronics, reinforcing the companies' competitive advantage. 

One of the tools created is the support of new projects, called Application Experiments, to which different entities can apply to receive specialized support in developing new technologies.

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