- CeNTI returns to Modtissimo

CeNTI returns to Modtissimo

CeNTI will be present at Modtissimo, one of the most relevant events for promoting the Textile and Clothing Industry (ITV) in the Iberian Peninsula. The initiative, which takes place on the 23rd and 24th of September, at the Alfândega do Porto, from 10h00am to 7h00pm, brings together textile producers and confectioners, fashion brands services for the industry, that will be challenged to share ITV innovations and world trends.

In this 56th edition, the Centre will take the opportunity to present, once again, some of its main projects and technological innovations that use nanotechnology and functional and intelligent materials developed to the textile area. SenseBreath, HydroMask, Texbion, Wear2Heal, EcoBioInks4SmartTextiles, and bKET will be the projects that CeNTI will present. The event will also reinforce networking between national and international professionals in the sector.

“Linked” is the theme of this edition that wants to reinforce the ITV market connections, with a particular emphasis on innovation, responsibility, and sustainability in the Portuguese industry. The initiative has more than 100 exhibitors and will apply a Contingency Plan to ensure the participant’s safety.

Source (image): Modtissimo

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