-Concreta e Mecânica: CeNTI transfers knowledge about KETs

Concreta e Mecânica: CeNTI transfers knowledge about KETs

Disclose and transferring knowledge about KETs to the national industry, in the areas of Construction, Architecture, Design, and Mechanics will be one the main objectives of CeNTI's presence in Concreta, in Porto, and Mecânica / Logística, in Lisbon. The first initiative runs from November 21st to 24th and the second from November 24th to 26th. Both are two of the most important Portuguese showcases in their sectors.

CeNTI will have available, in both shows, a booth - “bKET demo” - allusive to the bKET Project, where some demonstrators relative to KETs, Key Enabling Technologies, will be present. Demonstrators will allow, as its name implies, to show the incorporation of broad-spectrum technologies into products and/or substrates representative of the national business sector.

It’s important to highlight that KETs are a set of different technological innovation ideologies grouped into six axes: micro and nano electronics, nanotechnology, industrial biotechnologies, advanced materials, photonics and advanced manufacturing technologies. KETs can be implemented in all industrial sectors, from the more traditional businesses to the technological ones, in different areas, such as Construction and Smart Spaces, Automotive and Aeronautics (Mobility), and Health and Well-being.

KETS allow, among others, to boost and generate business, through the development of value-added products, solutions, and processes, and with its implementation, foster not only the progressive digitization and automation of production industries, but also the development of new sustainable products and services, job creation and economic growth by addressing the new social challenges of the 21st century.

The introduction of KETs in all industrial sectors and their benefits have been widespread and designed by the European Union. In Portugal, CeNTI, through the bKET Project, is involved in the dissemination, promotion, and transfer of scientific and technological knowledge to the national industry. In addition to workshops and sessions with experts, the Centre has been conducting, in this sense, activities of demonstration and dissemination of knowledge.

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