-Context WG4: The Impact of Smart Textiles on Construction and Architecture

Context WG4: The Impact of Smart Textiles on Construction and Architecture

Smart Materials, their impact and application in the Construction, Housing and Architecture segments will be the theme of CONTEXT WG4 (Textiles for Building and Living), an initiative that takes place on October 15th and 16th and in which CeNTI will be present.

At the meeting in Frankfurt, Germany, the Centre will approach the potential and advantages of applying smart and advanced materials in those markets, as a result of its extensive experience and knowledge in the area.

Efficiency and environmental sustainability are some of the key benefits associated with these products, supported by innovative and emerging technologies.

It is important to highlight that these multifunctional, technological and versatile solutions allow us to respond with great assertivity and accuracy to the current needs and challenges of the textile sector, giving it more value and growth potential.

Oriented to researchers and professionals, CONTEXT WG4 will also include Corporations from Construction, Housing and Architecture sectors, in order to share knowledge, experience and technological solutions in the field of advanced and smart materials.

The initiative is organized by CONTEXT, ETP Textile, IVGT (German Textile Technical Association) and FKT (German Textile Research Council).

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