-In October find us

In October find us

Know all the initiatives in which the Centre will be present in October and follow all the news on social networks.

2 and 3 - Modtissimo
Alfândega do Porto, Portugal

2 to 4 - Lineapelle Square
Milan, Italy

14 - "Para Além da Engenharia - Um Complemento Essencial"
Physical Engineering Students Group Workshops
University of Aveiro, Portugal

15 and 16 - CONTEXT WG4 (Textiles for Building and Living) + International
Seminar on Advanced and Smart Textiles in Architecture,
Construction & Living Environments
Frankfurt, Germany

22 and 23 - EC Workshop on 'Smart Bioelectronic and Wearable Systems'
Brussels, Belgium

28 and 29 - OE-A Meeting Europe
Frankfurt, Germany

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