-iTechStyle Summit is a port of opportunity for Textiles and Clothing

iTechStyle Summit is a port of opportunity for Textiles and Clothing

Organized by CITEVE and in collaboration with the Associação Selectiva Moda, the 3rd International Conference on Textiles and Clothing will take place at the Terminal de Cruzeiros de Leixões, in Oporto, April 2-4.

With a full program of activities, iTechStyle Summit is attended by representatives of CeNTI at different times of the event. António Braz Costa (CEO), João Gomes (Chief Operations Officer), Carla Silva (Director of Research) and Anabela Simões de Carvalho (Researcher) will be present at the initiative to discuss trends, strategies, opportunities and challenges in the Textile and Clothing sector.

The event promotes conferences in the most varied areas, among them textile manufacturing dematerialization, sustainability and circular economy, new advanced materials, fibers and structures and new applications of textile-based materials.

During the iTechStyle Summit, participants can also have a session on the DeFINE Project and a happy hour. The DeFINE platform, inserted in the project, aims to support all young designers in the areas of design and fashion. The happy hour gives entrepreneurs and students a space for reflection and interaction, ideal for extending the network of contacts and networking with Portuguese startups.

The initiative will be bilingual, with English and Portuguese translation facilities.

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