-KETs inspire creation of Innovative Solutions

KETs inspire creation of Innovative Solutions

"Boosting Innovation(s)" is the name of the Seminar that CeNTI and Portuguese Textile Cluster hold on November 27th, in Oporto.

The initiative aims to promote the importance of Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) and the debate on Research, Development and Innovation in the Portuguese and European industry.

Therefore, the event will be attended by several projects, national and European entities, focusing on KETs, Innovation and Technology. During the session, participants will share the innovative project developments made by CeNTI and Portuguese Textile Cluster. The public will be invited to discuss and share knowledge and experiences within the various panels. A showcase of innovative products will also be present at the Seminar.

Key Enabling Technologies are currently important tools for developing innovative products, processes and services across all industrial sectors. Their implementation not only fosters the progressive digitization and automation of productive industries, but also drives the creation of new sustainable products and services, job creation and economic growth in Europe, and it meets the new social challenges of the 21st century.

The European Union has been boosting the importance of KETs, their impact and application. In Portugal, and through the bKET Project, CeNTI has been promoting the transfer of scientific and technological knowledge in the area of Key Enabling Technology to the national industry.

Developing innovative solutions from KETs is therefore one of the main topics for discussion at the Seminar, which will take place at the Almeida Garrett Library.

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