-Skhincaps will be presented in Brussels

Skhincaps will be presented in Brussels

"Skhincaps goes to market" is a workshop that will take place on September 3 in Brussels to promote not only Skhincaps main results, but also the products developed under this R&D project and its commercial potential. Led by CeNTI, the research was based on the use of nanotechnology to create functional skincare textiles and cosmetics. This innovation was supported by seven other European partners.

In response to current and future market challenges, and based on innovative, safe, efficient and economically viable technology, the Skhincaps Project was based on the development of functional textiles and cosmetic - such as lotions and creams - with incorporation of natural-based nanocapsules, which through different release mechanism, will improve the thermal comfort, the anti-ageing effect, or prevent and mitigate bacterial skin infections.

Testing and analysis performed have proven the safety, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of developed products, including their strong viability for industrial production. The results and added value will now be presented and promoted in Brussels, to create awareness for the innovative solutions developed, showcasing the main benefits and characteristics, as well as their impact and potential in textile, health and wellbeing sectors across Europe.

The event is free but registration is required. Sign here.

Know more about this project here.

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