-Textile industry: CeNTI shares know-how in Germany

Textile industry: CeNTI shares know-how in Germany

CeNTI will be present at Keyhouse Munich Fabric Start, one of the most important international trade shows related to the textile and fashion sector. The initiative runs from February 4th – 6th and brings together researchers, experts and professionals from around the world, that are challenged to share knowledge, experiences, projects, trends and innovations of the industry.

The Centre, will be at Hall 5, Booth 30, and will promote some of the industry's leading projects in which it has collaborated. Highlight the best that is made in Portugal in the textile sector, using nanotechnology and functional and smart materials, is CeNTI's main objective. 
The participation in this event is also supported by CeNTI'25 Project, cofinanced by FITEC, “Programa Interface”.

Keyhouse Munich Fabric Start brings together around 1,000 exhibitors from 40 countries, who take the opportunity to promote their collections and their wide range of fabrics and accessories. Currently, it is one of the largest sources of information and inspiration for professionals in the area, receiving over 20,000 visitors.

More information about the trade show HERE

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