CeNTI takes to Germany the best of Portuguese nanotechnology

The focus is nanotechnology developed in the North of Portugal and the goal is to present innovative products made in close proximity to Portuguese companies in the technical textiles sector with application in different areas such as construction...

In May find us

In May, you may find us at 7 to 9 – SMT Connect Nuremberg, Germany 14 to 17 – TechTextil Frankfurt, Germany 16 and 17 – Academia meets Auto-industry Lisbon, Portug...

iTechStyle Summit is a port of opportunity for Textiles and Clothing

Organized by CITEVE and in collaboration with the Associação Selectiva Moda, the 3rd International Conference on Textiles and Clothing will take place at the Terminal de Cruzeiros de Leixões, in Oporto, April 2-4. Wi...

In April, you may find us at

In April, you may find us at 2 to 4 – iTechStyle Summit Oporto, Portugal 2 to 4 – FICIS 2019 Braga, Portugal 4 – B2B Health Innovation Marketing Braga, Portugal...
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