Health, Wellness

Provide consumers with products and information that are useful for creating a healthier lifestyle

Health and well-being are crucial factors with a growing appreciation in society. They shape a market segment with surprising growth potential, based on a set of new products with high added value. Look at medical textiles with a large number of applications, whether in the form of sutures, biocompatible tissue implants, textile-based bio-sensors, functional textiles for skin problems or textile structures for monitoring and acting in various pathologies; or even the protection and sports equipment with improved performance and comfort for the user.

CeNTI is involved in several research projects in which differentiating materials and systems are being developed, allowing its partners and clients to explore innovative products, and in some cases to enter in new areas of application. From these, it can be highlighted the textiles with antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-edema properties; textiles for thermal comfort, protection and monitoring / actuation; and various biometric sensors for wearable devices, namely temperature, humidity, accelerometers, photoplethysmography, to provide consumers with useful information and help them to have a healthier lifestyle.

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