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Multifunctional Felt and Intelligent Hybridization Project

The iHeatex – Multifunctional Felt and Intelligent Hybridization Project [Project nº 033098] aims at the research and development of new multifunctional, intelligent hybridization three-dimensional structures and architectures with active moisture and heating management properties, whose developments will be directed to two typologies of felted products for application in home textiles and hotels: bath articles and kitchen articles.

The project objectives will be achieved through the intelligent development of functional, hybrid and driver materials. Also at the level of three-dimensional felted textile structures, this project predict significant advances, in particular in spinning, weaving and finishing technologies. In order to guarantee the success of the project, a multidisciplinary consortium with complementary valences was defined in the key areas of innovation composed by J.F. Almeida, and two ENESII entities (CITEVE and CeNTI).


Main Goals/Activities

  • Development of the knowledge and intellectual and industrial property necessary to exploit the developed technologies;

  • To promote and stimulate innovation and development of new methodologies for the design and research of new products;

  • Development of the capacity for intervention in the area of embedded electronics;

  • Development of innovative felt structures for bathroom articles with the capacity of enhancing the absorption of water and/or moisture and rapid drying, as well as smart heating capacity;

  • Development of three-dimensional heating felts for table tops.


  • Project kick-off meeting;

  • Proof of Concept Demonstrator;
  • Robe functional demonstrator;

  • Disclosure at Fairs and Conferences;

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  • Disclosure in News and reports.

Project Number



SI I&DT Empresarial – Copromoção

Project duration

January 2018 to December 2020

Intervention Region

North of Portugal

Approval date

24 April 2018

Total eligible cost

691 581.45 €

Financial support EU

FEDER– 469 388.14 €

With support of:


Têxteis J.F. Almeida
Citeve Textile Technology
CeNTI - Center for Nanotechnology and Technical, Functional and Intelligent Materials